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What makes TopSweets unique

Quality Products

All of our products at TopSweets are all of an extremely high standard and are amazing quality.

Low Prices

Here at TopSweets, all of our prices are extremely low!

UK Delivery

All of the products we sell can be shipped anywhere in the United Kingdom

About Us

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We, TopSweets, are a small band of entrepreneurs...

Who sell cheap, American and modern delights of inexorable fine quality. We are based in Hertfordshire as well as Harrow and promise to deliver to any customers situated within the Greater London area within a week; however we also endeavour to deliver to the doors of those based outside this area as quickly and at as little, extra expense to the customer as possible. On top this, we assure you one of our chief priorities is to attend to and respond to any queries made by customers within 24 hours. Anyway, why are you reading this? Purchase a couple; try a few; you’re taste-buds will tingle; your stomach will crave for more. Remember you can order directly from our user-friendly interface!

  • 80% of stock is sourced from America

    Quite a few of our products are scarcely possible to find in the United Kingdom without our help. Despite shipping costs, we believe the finest candy out there can only be sourced from the US and so we have made it our duty to reel it in from abroad and sell it here at home!

  • Prices are low!

    Buy one of our products for a price as ridiculously low as 50p. In fact 53% of all our stock comes at a price cheaper than £1.00

  • 98% Customer satisfaction

    98% of our customers are satisfied with our products and response times

  • Our sweets all taste amazing!

    We can completely assure you that 100% of all candy sold here at TopSweets is to an extreme high quality and is mind-blowingly brilliant for its price.

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